Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cool & Amazing Cars

Our favorite cool car at the moment has to be the Morgan Aero Supersports. An old-school 4 wheeler with an aircraft-quality aluminum body is the car to be driving.

Designed to celebrate Morgan’s 100th birthday, the new Aero SuperSport is based on the company’s Eight GT3 and packs a BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8 engine.

Although the British supercar is focused on amazing performance, the stylish interior and its wooden furnishings and hand stitched leather shouldn’t be neglected in any way.

Priced at some £127,000 ($185,000 at today’s rate), the exquisite Morgan Aero SuperSports will be produced in early 2010, but you can already reserve one for £25,000 (some $36,000)

Check out this cool guitar car. As a petrol head and guitar lover, this is right up my street! Hope you like it!

In 2004 Ray purchased a 1968 Ford station wagon in Santa Cruz, CA. He drove the car to San Jose where he parked it on the street and started sawing off the body. Finally there was nothing left except the chassis.

Ray started designing and building the guitar body. The guitar was hand fabricated from 18 guage steel sheets and angle iron. There was no shop to work in and tools consisted of a jig saw a power hand saw with a steel cutting blade.

For more information, check out the Guitar Car website

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