Friday, December 17, 2010

World's First Eco Concept BUS Credo E-Bone

Concept Credo E-Bone BUS

Designer Peter Simon designed new Concept BUS powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This is the way make public transportation greener. The First E-Bone is a zero-emission bus that generates power from a system of hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries. Powered by four in-wheel electric motors, the bus carries its power sources on its roof.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fastest in the world ......... WOWWW

Fastest in the world .........

Fastest Car in the World - Shelby Super Cars Ultimate Aero
412.28 KMPH

Fastest Animal in the World - Cheetah
113 KMPH

Fastest Bird in the World - Spine tailed swift
171 KMPH

Fastest Fish in the world - Sailfish
110 KMPH

Fastest Man in the world - Usain Bolt
40-43 KMPH

Fastest Plane in the world - X-43 Aircraft
12144 KMPH

Fastest Train in the World - Shanghai Maglev Train
581 KMPH

Fastest Bike in the world - TomaHawk (Not a Legal Bike)
675 KMPH
AND ............

World's Fastest Days - Saturday & Sunday

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Charming Moon- From the project "Moon Games"

Charming Moon- From the project "Moon Games." by landscape astro-photographer and astronomy journalist Laurent Laveder

World Biggest Chocolate BAR !!

Switzerland and Belgium may be the world’s most famous chocolate-making countries, but tinyArmenia has just stolen some of their spotlight by creating the largest chocolate bar, ever.

The sweet event took place in Armenia’s capital of Yerevan, and was organized by the Grand Candy Factory – a local chocolate making company – as a way to celebrate to celebrate its 10 years of existence. Guinness Book representatives were invited to take part in the unveiling of the chocolate monster created, and to make sure this event goes into the record books.

The giant chocolate bar weighs 4,400 kilograms, is 224 inches long, 110 inches wide, 10 inches thick and is made from cocoa beans from Ghana. In the following weeks, the world’s biggest chocolate down will be chipped into pieces and handed out to freely around Yerevan. The previous record for the world’s biggest chocolate bar was set in 2007, in Italy.

World Highest Climbing Wall Amazing!!!!

The world's highest climbing wall is situated in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands. It is 37 metres (121 ft) high and is known as the Excalibur.

Friday, July 30, 2010

PAKISTANI style Tram in Australia.

The Tram Which You Never Seen Before !!!!

Vehicles of transport have long been celebrated in Pakistan, adorned with elaborate decorations to keep good spirits with the journey. A fleet of particularly vibrant mini-buses ply the Karachi route called W-11, characterized by stainless-steel panels, brightly colored plastic collages, flashing light patterns, music beats and exuberant conductors. As part of the Commonwealth Games, a group of Pakistani bus decorators transformed a Melbourne Tram into what you would expect to see on a Karachi bus routes.

Decorated trams are nothing new to the people of Melbourne, but this tram is different, it's not about advertising, it's about celebrating life. As the words written in Urdu and translated in English emblazoned down the side read "Love is Life". A ride on this tram is not about getting somewhere; it's about really being moved.

And the people of and visitors to Melbourne can't get enough of it! So what does the tram look like? Based on the decorated buses that traverse the city of Karachi, the tram is covered in brightly colored self-adhesive stickers that have been cut out by hand and make intricate patterns.

No part of the tram has been left undecorated as there are beads hanging from the ceiling and even multi-colored tassels hanging from the rear view mirrors. A Each seat also has a cover with a design that incorporates both the Pakistan and Australian flag representing the relationship between the two countries.

Responsible for the initiative were Wajid Ali and his team of decorators, who spent four months in Karachi cutting out the stickers and putting together the decorations. They came to Melbourne and spent another six weeks at the Preston Tram Workshops applying the decorations to the 30-year-old Z class tram which is just about to be retire.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful art from outside and inside of the tram.

Warnings in Urdu and English

Green Text says “ Love is Life”

Driver Side Mirror !!!