Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Michael Jackson

7 Cool Videos of Michael Jackson

Seven cool videos paying homage to Michael Jackson. He will be missed.

James Brown Tribute
It only cements the fact that the dude - for all his foibles - was a legend. cool is that still today!
Holy shit. This is insane - inspiring countless leagues of white people out there to try themselves to scoot backwards from one side of the living room rug to the other. The Moonwalk was hardly a “new move”; indeed, it had its roots in vaudeville(!). But nobody could do it like Michael.

Eddy Murphy on Michael Jackson
This video is great.

Brit Awards 1996

One of my favorite memories of Michael Jackosn was the 1996 Brit Awards when Jarvis Cocker came on stage in the middle of the Earth Song performance. If you forgot or never seen it, here it is...

Man In The Mirror - Live at 1988 Grammy Awards.
Arguably his best “song”, so to speak, this never got the attention it deftly deserves. It was Michael’s equivalent of “In The Ghetto”, and by far one of his most heartfelt songs. I guess it’d be good to remind ourselves of the positive energy the guy had; “Man In The Mirror” was his peak professionaly, before all the court cases, basically the height of his career, in hindsight. So sit back and enjoy.

Ben was a song about his pet rat (aptly named - you guessed it - Ben). I’m not saying the song is a classic - it’s a song about a fucking rat, for Pete’s sake. But keep in mind that Michael is barely 10 years old at this point and singing some serious Sam Cooke stuff. Could you do that at 10? No.

The Pepsi Commercial
Were you concious as a human in the late 1980’s you’d remember the veritable cauldron of buzz surrounding this commercial. While filming, Michael caught on fire. AND DANCED THE FIRE OFF OF HIM. That, in and of itself, is fucking incredible. The guy spun around and whipped the fire right off of him. Here’s the commercial in its broadcast form, doing more buzz for Pepsi than they could have ever asked for, and doing more for the legend of Michael Jackson than anyone could have ever asked for.

I grew up listening to his cool music and was the first album I bought. I remember us kids trying to moon walk in school discos. I don't know many people in their early 30's who haven't got the Bad album. If he wasn't already a legend, he will surely be a legend now. RIP Michael Jackson.

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