Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Cars

Nissan NV200 Mobile Office

A van for all gadget lovers. Nissan has taken the concept of working from outside the cubicle and turned it into working from the road - check out Nissan’s NV200 Mobile Office concept.

Luckily for most white collar workers in the 21st Century, the “Office Space” atmosphere of your workplace is becoming extinct. From four-day work weeks to telecommuting and working from anywhere via wireless networks, most companies are as liberal as ever with their employees - long as some work is still getting done.

The auto maker calls its NV200 Mobile Office “A Smart Business Tool of New Generation, for Active Professionals.” NV200 combines storage with an office space that has the ability to extract its interior out like a drawer. This allows all your workstation items to be at arms reach while traveling. When parked, you can extend a large storage space to reach any valuables or tools. You can contact clients or get your paperwork done while parked at a lake or beach - then take your scuba gear out for a run during a lunch break.

Nissan states their interiors of the NV200 Mobile Office concept creates an efficient work space with a human touch. Its cargo area is customizable, so you can switch and swap out storage areas for whatever your hobby or business requires.
Get ready to see your co-workers rolling past the office in their Nissan NV200 sometime in the next few years.

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