Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Aston Martin Survives Revealing Auto-topsy

aston martin in half1 Aston Martin Survives Revealing Auto topsy

How can you make the new James Bond lose his cool? Easy, just chop the top off his DBS Volante. A convertible version of Aston Martin’s signature spy car was debuted at March’s Geneva Motor Show, but the company’s new presentation of the ride cuts more than the roof. Split in half to spill its geared guts, the Volante was displayed at NYC’s Cooper Square Hotel early this week. The auto-topsy reveals the car’s careful engineering, like the engine’s strategic placement over the wheelbase to distribute weight and a carbon fiber shaft that runs the length of the body. Even the surgery was well-planned and flawlessly executed by the automaker, which made sure to paint all the incision edges. [via notcot]

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