Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stupid Ads Funny

Funny Bad Coupon Book Deal

amusing humor stupid ad for coupon book costs more than the savings So i need to spend $24.95 in order to save "up to" $20 by using the coupons in the book? You know, thats not such a great deal.

Send Your Pet a Valentine Message

funy stupid news ad for valentines messages for pets if they could readYes, this is for real. A company that specialises in Valentine's messages for Pets. Since when could pets actually read? Very weird.

Stupid News Ads Santa Likes to Drink Liquor

really stupid newspaper ads santa at liquor store for kids pictures available viking store Now this is a really stupid ad. And bad. Having Santa at a liquor store? Talk about bringing kids into the wrong environment. Im reminded of the very underated movie with Billy Bob Thornton, Bad Santa. He is about the only Santa that should be allowed in a Liquor Store. And no kids allowed! Viking Liquor, what were you thinking?

Safe Huge Penis Enlargement Ad

funny stupid ad picture for penis enlargement by joel kaplan fda approved grow to one hundred three inches 103 No this isnt a spam email for penis enlargement. Its a service or product provided by Dr. Joel Kaplan, who has FDA "cleeard" Medical "Vaccuum" Pumps. Now, what would someone want with 103 Inches? And where would you store such a thing? But as long as its safe and permanent, give it a go.

Funny Black Convicts Need a Home Ad

funny ads three black convicts for sale in package deal pic Three black convicts need a home? And they are being offered in a package deal. Hmm, i wonder who would be in a position to sell the prisoners? And i wonder if they had any takers. Probably not.

Thats a Funny Shaped Pillow Ad

very funny ad for pillow bad shape photo Gift ideas that feel good? A pillow in the shape of a...well, i'll let you work that out. She seems content though.

Funniest Before and After Photo Ad

funniest before and after photo of the effects of anti ageing cream old lady and young woman picture Ok, surely this isnt for real? A before and after photo of a product that actually reverses ageing, not just the appearance of ageing. That's wonderful. I want some of this cream. Actually, id like a date with the girl on the right. No offence grandma.

Funny Before & After Teeth Photo Ad

really stupid ad for dentist before and after teeth shot No doubt about it, the teeth in the photo on the right look a whole lot better than the photo on the left. That is some work from this dentist. But what do they take us for, idiots? Geez. There are some stupid ads out there, but this one is just a little deceptive.

Our Bagels Are Like That V Word

funny news ad for river city bagels claim they are like vaginas very odd This is just odd. "Our Bagels are Like Vaginas, Whats not to Love?" Is this for real? I mean seriously, was the advertising campaign led by a 15 year old? Again, they got our attention, but Im not sure that i will be visiting the River City Bagel and Bakery anytime soon. They do have great food, free wi-fi and a fun atmosphere. They are going to need something else to get that thought out of my mind. Eating a Bagel wont ever be the same again.

Really Bad Map Instructions Ad

funny stupid news really bad map ad pic for ace hardwareThese are some really terrible map instructions. "Ace Hardware, right next door to, ahh, some blank thingy, and another blank thingy. And we are on the north side of the road, right across from the other side of the road. Hell, you'll find us, we just needed to fill the blank space with something."

The Ass Color Toilet Seat Cover

funny poor abbreviations ad ass colour toilet Sometimes abbreviations in advertisements just dont work do they? Ass Colours? Not really appropriate.

The Very Quick 72 Hour Sale

72 hour really quick sale funny ad How do you fit a 72 hour sale into just 4 hours? Maybe everyone just moves really quickly. I like the way they operate. Better be some nice cadillacs for sale.

Massive Salad Saving

really weird ads small saving on salad dressing
Save $93.11 on Kraft Salad dressing? I know the economy was going bad, but thats just too hard to believe.

Quality is Not Expensive

funny music ads pants down photo weird Yep, all looks perfectly fine. Student band instruments, trumpets, flutes, drums, saxaphones...hold on...why is there an image with someone's pants down to their knees?

8 is Enough Jeep

funny news advertisements jeep for sale too small for 8 people Seats 8 huh? Where exactly?

Mention this Ad For a Free...

really stupid ads free iced water at carl's oxford diner Free Iced Water? Im walking out the door now.

Great Fathers Day Advert

funny stupid ads fathers day jc penny lingerie sale Isnt that what every father wants for fathers day? Maybe there is a market for cross dressing fathers.

Great Athletic Shoes

Just the shoes every girl needs to run the New York Marathon. Hey, you have to look good.

Free AOL Internet Ad

Wow - 1000 hours free for 45 days. What a fantastic offer. In case you are wondering, to maximise the effect of this offer, that leaves you with just 80 hours over the 45 days to do other things with your life, like sleep, eat and work.

50% or Half Price Ad

Take your pick. I like 50% off, to me it sounds like more.

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