Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cool 3d wall Arts

Cool 3D Wall Mural Pictures

These amazing cool pictures show the epic architectural murals that are deluding viewers into seeing a 3D scene painted on a flat surface.

This first picture of a beautiful glossy scene shimmering in the sun as the colossal wave appears to crash right onto the pavement forms part of a stunning trompe l'oeil series by John Pugh.

It took two months of studio work to plan and a further six months to execute with the help of 11 other artists.

Wonder wave: John Pugh's Mana Nalu mural in Honolulu.
Fire crews rushed to save the children from the mighty wave - before realising it was an optical illusion

The California artist painted the immense mural in Honolulu, featuring Queen Lili'uokalani, the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands with Duke Kahanamoku - the ultimate father of surf.

The scene is so realistic that just as it was near completion, it attracted the attention of the fire brigade, which stopped its truck in the middle of traffic.

John said: ''They jumped out to rescue the children in the mural.

Treasure trove: An Egyptian style mural adorns a wall in Los Gatos, California.
Pugh paints people into the mural to heighten the 3D effect

Blurring the lines: A mural entitled Art Imitating Life Imitating Art Imitating Life,
at the Cafe Trompe L'oeil, in San Jose, California

'They got about 15 feet away and then doubled over laughing when they realised what it was.'

This is the desired effect and Pugh enjoys the community-bonding properties of his public works.

He works on a large scale in public and residential areas and his paintings can be seen all over the world from New Zealand to Hawaii - with many telling a story of the area where they are positioned.

Having a cow: Valentine's Day, a mural unveiled during the
Global Mural Conference in Twentynine Palms, California

Trick of the eye: John inserts a passer-by into the mural painted in Santa Cruz,
California, entitled Bay in a Bottle, who is watching the ocean scene

Take a pew: This looks like a nice spot to rest your weary
feet on a sidewalk in Sarasota County Health

John Pugh is currently working on murals for a police station in California and a recreation centre in Calgary, Canada. Pugh is used to people's amazed reactions when they pass his murals, known as trompe l'oeil art (a trick of the eye). He said: 'They say "wow did you see that . I thought that was real." 'Public art can link people together and stimulate a sense of pride within the community,

'These life-size illusions allow me to communicate with a very large audience. It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked.'

Pugh started creating murals when he was a student at Chico State and made one for the college entrance. He is currently working on a mural for a police station in California and also one for a recreation centre in Calgary, Canada

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