Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Intelligent First Aid Kit

Designed by medical and educational experts to help people with little to no first aid training, every feature and function on this cool first aid kit is simple and easy to use.
In addition to the audio aid, color-coding and illustrations help differentiate packages and outline responses to more common ailments likefrost bite, asthma and choking, among others—especially handy when response time is important. The kit also comes with a book light/flashlight in case of injury at night.
Making first aid guidance easier than ever, The Intelligent First Aid Kit improves on the standard box of mystery tubes and ointments. The award-winning new product comes not only equipped with individually wrapped packs of medical supplies but with step-by-step audio instructions on how to treat a range of injuries.The idea is simple: combine the necessary supplies with audio technology. The result is comprehensive yet extremely accessible.

Check out the audio sample of instructions on how to treat severe bleeding for an example.


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