Saturday, May 30, 2009

ipod dock wood type and Modular faucet

When you look at this product for the first time you might think that this is a joke, but actually this is an ecofriendly iPod dock made from salvaged materials. The wooden music dock is made from salvaged timber with holes drilled into the log to make space for the speakers and the electronics. The elegant design and the recycled aesthetics make it desirable for all those who love to posses un-common and sustainable gadgets to refine their homes interiors. - Via - Ecofriend & Minimazine


If you are looking for some innovation in your bathroom, then the modular Faucet from Neve with his tubular design will look fabulous in any modern bathroom setting however you choose to interpret it. There are not to many things to say about this simple, but very good looking and practical design, so let’s skip the text and watch the pictures.


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