Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cool Designs

The Twist Chair by Jonas Lyndby Jensen

A backrest, seat or protective shelter, Jonas Lyndby Jensen’s “Twist Chair” is something that would make an amazing accent seat for a bedroom. A creative addition to circular or curvilinear interior themes, the fabric choice, by Morten la Cour, was actually chosen because it echoes the naturalistic, protective design of a bird’s nest. Originally developed for use in a public library, the Twisted Chair is built from a single twisted band and has the added bonus of serving as a sound barrier for people who are interested in stealing away moments of quiet isolation to read their newest books on the Eames design process or check on up Freshome from their laptops. - via



‘montanara’ couch by gaetano pesce

Remember the 35 of the Most Unique & Creative Sofa Designs collection ? If not you should really check this collection to see some really creative pieces for your living room. Today I’ve discovered a new piece that could be presented in this collection. This sofa is called Montanara and it was designed by Gaetano Pesce. This sofa creates the illusion of a mountain scene right in your living room, including cushion waterfalls and jagged support peaks of doom. Very creative, beautiful and also relaxing. - Via - Gearfuse & Design Boom




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