Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool iphone Cases

Cool iPhone Cases

A collection of cool iPhone cases showcasing unique and creative iPhone case designs. Enjoy!

Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens
Protect your iPhone and take close-up macro photos to boot. The Clarifi iPhone Case with Macro Lens makes blurry photos of secret documents a thing of the past.
Simply slide the built-in lens over your iPhone's camera and take crystal clear shots of business cards, documents or any other close-up item. Then you can use those photos with some cool free iPhone apps like Snappr which scans barcodes in stores to find you the best prices, or Evernote which takes photos you shoot and creates a searchable picture database from any text in the photo.

$24.99 from Think Geek [Link]

Game Boy iPhone Case (iBoy)
Creative iPhone case from Japan that looks like a Game Boy video game console.

Game Boy iPhone Case (iBoy)

Sadly, there's a good chance you already own an iPhone 3G case if you're the proud owner of an iPhone 3G. That said, there's still nothing stopping you from hopping a flight to Tokyo and replacing your current one with the best case in the history of iPhone cases. It was originally posted on Engadget website but they are not sure of where it is sold. Again if you know, please comment below.

iWood Cobra iPhone Case
Unique and very cool wooden case for Apple iPhone carved from one piece of the finest wood from a company called miniot. They are not cheap at 120 euros! [Link]

Wooden iPhone Case

iWood Cobra iPhone Case

Bacon Apple iPhone Case
For bacon lovers, there is an iPhone case for you!

If you're a discerning eater, you know the age-old mantra: everything's better with bacon. Out in Germany, they've really taken it to heart, and have made fabric gadget cases that look like they're constructed out of every gentile's favorite pork product.

The Bacon Case seems to come in different sizes, at least one of which can fit the iPhone, and is selling for 25 Euro. The description's all in German, and I don't know what or who a "Fr├╝hst├╝cksspeck" is, but the case is "Absolute Trendtasche!!!" and who am I to argue with that?

Shop selling Bacon iPhone Case [Link]

iKNIT iPhone Case
Knitted Apple iPhone case from Japan. Unfortunately, it is not for sale.

iKNIT iPhone Case

Tire Tread Pattern iPhone Case
Great looking protection for you iPhone with tire-tread pattern. You can buy this cool iPhone case from Amazon [Link]

Tire Pattern iPhone Case

GoGo iPhone Case
Stylish iPhone case made from polycarbonate which provides excellent soft touch feeling. It is available for all iPhone generations; all functions are accessible without removing the case.

GoGo iPhone Case

Despite its softness, GoGo case is very hard to break. [Link]

Chocolate iPhone Case
A very cool and creative Apple iPhone case that chocoholics will love!

Chocolate iPhone Case

Costing $24.99, it is a great choice for chocoholic iPhone lovers. [Link]

Tactile iPhone Case
Apple iPhone case for visually impaired: It works in tandem with an app to allow special accessibility functions like text to speech and moon type tactile feedback.

Metallic Slider Case iPhone Case

The case is engraved with modified bas-relief buttons each corresponding to a modified home screen on the iPhone [link]

Dexter iPhone Case
Made by Speck, Dexter-branded hardshell cases come in tiny cardboard boxes and sit snug in a bed of foam splattered in blood.
Made by a company called Speck and I have spotted these iPhone cases being sold on Ebay [link]

Otterbox Armor Waterproof Case for iPhone
Unparalleled iPhone protection - Otterbox provides the safest way to store and use your handset. With iPhone insurance expensive, making sure yours is protected from the elements, being dropped etc is a good idea and this case will protect you.
£29.99 from iWorld [Link]

Gold Diamond-Encrusted iPhone Case
Got too much money and not sure what the hell to spend it on! Well here is your chance to waste your money!

You will get this real diamond encrusted case for your iPhone and reach the bornrich social status. Price: $20.000 [Link]

Vajacases ivolution SP iphone 3G Case
This is a cool sporty looking iPhone case and you can make your own custom color and texts.

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